Destination Las Cruces: Day One

We didn’t exactly get the trailer hooked up yesterday like we’d planned. It took longer running last minute errands in Kalispell than I’d expected.
We did get the inside of the trailer all set to go, things mostly secured and the kayaks up on the truck, with the intent of hooking up the trailer and heading out by mid-morning.
Waking up at 9AM this morning, it was obvious that Montana weather had other plans for us.
It rained for 2 solid hours. Not a gentle “oh we can work in this” sprinkling. A Big Nasty Rain Storm.
So, we spent a couple extra hours in bed, eventually got up, showered and got the inside of the trailer completely secured and ready for travel.
When the rain finally *DID
stop, the forecast called for a few hours of clear skies before the back end of the storm brought another downpour.
We got to work.
While I emptied the black tank (including a good, much needed back flush using the Valtera Flush King), Courtney made sure we’d completed our pre-departure checklist and also gave me a holler when the tank was full so I could let the poo goo flow).

Once we were hooked up, ready to go, I guided Courtney out of the host spot (we use a combination of walkie talkies, hand signals and mild, yet surprisingly vulgar insults to convey information needed to navigate a 35 foot trailer attached to a 1 ton diesel “dually” crew cab out of sticky situations).
After she was clear and on the pavement, I noticed that the bike rack — that yesterday when I put it on the back of the trailer appeared high enough up the roof ladder — was basically offering up our bicycle tires as a sacrifice to the road.
Fifteen minutes and two rungs higher later, we hit the road: out of Wayfarers, toward highway 93 and bound for Las Cruces, NM.

About 30 minutes in to the drive, Courtney announces “I don’t want to drive any more. I’m hungry. I want real food. And chips.”
We found the first available and safe place to pull to the side of the road.
While Courtney sat in the truck with George, I hopped in the trailer to make us both some food.
Imagine yourself trying to make lunch in one of the buildings at the Mystery Spot: containers of food sliding in weird directions, food repositioning itself in the pantry and fridge — all while you’re trying to make food AND keep said activities from making a mess.
It was a challenge, but I got out of there with 2 bags of chips and two ham salad wraps for both of us!

Courtney and George took over the passenger seat and I drove the entire day.
Granted it was only 3-4 hours, but it was thankfully uneventful: Courtney slept a good portion of it, as did George.
Much to both of my and Courtney’s surprise, George didn’t do what he usually does when we first take off:
Poop everywhere but in the litter box we put in the back seat for him, and puke.
He whined and complained a little bit, but that was it.

And that brings us to now:
We’re in the rest stop in Anaconda, MT for the night. The very same rest stop we pulled into when we arrived in Montana.
We’ve got the generator hooked up for a few hours so we can heat the trailer up and I connected our Cradlepoint so we could have internet that doesn’t suck and so I could tell you this fabulous tale.

Tomorrow, we’ll get an early (but not TOO early) start and we’ll rotate driving shifts; how far we get, not quite sure, but you’ll know soon after we do!

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  1. Valerie says:

    Safe is all I care about!!!

  2. Shirley, aka. mom says:

    “On the road again….just ca’t cant wait to get on the road again…” Drive Carefully! Love Ya!

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