Destination Las Cruces: Day Two

It was a bit cold last night, so we turned on the propane powered heater.
The heater thermostat sucks. It has an On/Off switch and the “temperature setting indicator” (what you want to se t the temp to, not the current) if you want to call it that, looks like this:
Cold? Try setting it to 6 bars. No? Try 12. Too hot? Try 7 bars. No? Ugh.
Totally useless.
I crawled out of bed around 9AM, made a cup of coffee, turned on the propane water heater, caught up on blogs, twitter, reddit — my morning routine.
Twenty minutes later — which is generally enough time for enough water to heat up for a decent “navy shower” (as is our custom when en route to a destination or when boondocking) — I hop in the shower and get about one helping of hot water.
Dang it. The propane must be empty.
I finish the lukewarm shower, get dressed and confirm my suspicion: a quick glance at the fridge and the ‘check gas’ light is flashing.
So, I go outside in to the morning Montana cold and switch to the other tank.
As I come back in, Courtney — who has already stated several times throughout the morning that she’s cold — hears me grumble to myself (at least I thought I said it loud enough for only me to hear), “Argh. Daddy needs another cup of coffee.”
Courtney heard, “You have twenty more minutes in bed before I make you get up“, chuckled and gave out a small sigh of relief upon hearing the news of her temporary reprieve.

Eventually, we got back on the road, probably around 11AM -ish. This is totally acceptable as we have a more generous timetable this trip, compared to our trip to Montana.

When we travel, we’re admittedly ‘bad’ about our eating habits, be it breakfast in a ‘sit-down’ diner (a la Denny’s, IHOP), McDonald’s or something similar (though we do try to eat sensible dinners, even if it is a bowl of hot oatmeal or a sandwich or something else that doesn’t require a lot of effort/a lot of dishes to wash).
This morning’s Bad Breakfast was McDonald’s for a few reasons:

  • We needed to fill Bessie’s tank (even though it was only 1/4 or so down…a lesson learned the hard way)
  • We decided to fill the propane and regular gas can (for the generator)
  • The truck stop had a McD’s inside.

Courtney was craving a two Croissan’wich with sausage, cheese, no egg (she’ funny about eggs, but that’s another story for another day), so I went in to the McD’s to order those for her and 2 Sausage n Egg McMuffins for myself.
It wasn’t until after I asked for the Croissan’wich and the cashiermonkey’s blank stare that it occured to me I had tried to order a breakfast item found only at Burger King.
Make that two Sausage and cheese McMuffins, no egg. …and a LARGE coffee (obviously, I needed more caffeine).

The comedy of errors having concluded, I climbed in to the passenger seat for the first leg of today’s trip and we hit the road once more.
About 2.5 – 3 hours later, I took the wheel and drove the rest of the day.
It was another pretty uneventful day of driving and most of it on I-15 through Idaho.
Man, Idaho, I have to say, you are boring with a capital yawn.
Well, except for that crazy rainstorm that dropped visibility to almost zero and MPH to under 10, that is…

We had set a goal to cross in to Utah and once over the state line decide how far to go on from there.
Tonight, we’re in a rest stop outside of Brigham, Utah.
We had a most annoying welcoming committee, too (thankfully, most of them stayed outside):
It’s not as cold tonight — a few thousand feet lower elevation makes all the difference — so no generator and the propane heater has made Courtney plenty warm (“Okay. I’m roasting. You can turn it down now” aha! 12 bars is TOO hot. We have a baseline!).
No idea where we will end up tomorrow, either. We’ll drive ’til we don’t want to drive any more and that’s fantastic.

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  1. Shirley, aka. mom says:

    I’m getting you guys fleece lined long johns for your next trip to Montana!

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