Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

When we started this grand adventure, from the beginning we intended to blog about our experiences. We also decided that we wanted to make videos of various happenings, topics and such.
We didn’t do so well with that in the beginning; our “landing” in Montana marked the end of over a year of planning and preparation and we were, simply put, exhausted.
Many videos were made on our potatoes phones but never made it beyond the viewing stage.
As the months passed and we relaxed, we made another decision to Just Do It.
If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or our Youtube channel, you’ve noticed we’ve been busy with videos as of late (What? You don’t? Well click those links and get to following us!).

To further our efforts in this endeavor, we purchased a shiny new GoPro Hero4 (and some cool accessories).
In order to bring these amazing, super stupendous peeks in to our roaming life, I’ve been learning a lot about video editing (Final Cut Pro X is aMAZing).
It’s been a bit of a learning curve, but I found that I really enjoy the whole process of starting with a ton of raw footage with false starts, fubars and bloopers to the final product, which hopefully translates into half-way decent videos for you to watch (or at least they’ll get better as my skills improve!).

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