Droning on and on

When Courtney’s Parental Units (Southwest Division) came to visit us in November, they brought along their drone (a DJI Phantom).
It was just too cool for us not to want one as well.
After some research and pooling of gift cards and ‘fun account’ funds, we finally got our very own, “Register With the FAA To Play” drone — a DJI Mavic.
A short list of the cool things about it:

  • Motion Tracking (ActiveTrack). Select a person, cat, cow, anything and it will follow it using any of 3 methods:
    • Trace — Follow behind or in front of your subject, or circle it as it moves
    • Profile — Fly alongside your subject
    • Spotlight — Keep the camera trained on your subject while you fly almost anywhere
  • Obstacle Avoidance. It can detect objects up to 49ft away and will bypass them or brake to hover
  • A “come home” feature. Before it takes off, the Mavic gets its GPS coordinates so that, say, you lose sight of it, you can press one button and it will fly home. It will utilize the Obstacle Avoidance while it comes back, too (we watched it change elevation one more than one return trip).

There’s a lot more it can do and we’ve barely touched on those things, but we’re going to have fun doing it …with the each of the three 27-minute-flight-time batteries we bought for it!

Naturally, we have a video of the maiden voyage:

(epilogue: yes, we still have to do a “2016 In Review” post, but, well, you know, we’re slackers)

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