Farewell, Montana. Hello, Arizona

Having scored a gig at an RV Resort on the California/Arizona border, right next to the Colorado River, as of this morning, we’re on our way to Arizona for the winter (can you say, “Ha! You guys are snowbirds!”).

For a while though, we weren’t sure where we would be at all. If you don’t follow any of our social media (that’s okay, you also read it right here on A Roaming Life), you may not know that our truck, Bessie had been out of commission, for very bad reasons.
Why? Well…here’s a timeline:
July 16: Bessie starts acting really funny on our drive home from Kootenai Falls.

August 4: We get the bad news.

September 8: Finally some good news

After the new engine was installed, we had to put 500 break-in miles on it before we would be able to tow The Wagon.
Many trips to Kalispell made easy work of that task (“What’s that, Courtney? You say we’re out of toilet paper? Sit tight. Kalispell, here I come!”)

The final bill was soul-crushing, but we survived.

As disheartening and financially painful as the ordeal was, we didn’t let it get us down (too much).
We still managed to have plenty of good times and strange adventures while we (im)patiently waited for Bessie to return to us, better, faster, stronger…
My brother came to Wayfarers for a week and we watched the solar eclipse.
While he was here, we rented a boat for a day on Flathead Lake AND Courtney rode an inner-tube (for the 1st time ever. I know, right?!) behind said boat.

Did you know there’s a big fork in Bigfork? We didn’t!

We also didn’t know that Bigfork was more than a few homes on the lake and highway businesses. (I know, I know. For shame. What kind of camp host isn’t totally familiar with the area they’re in?).

The sheriff came to visit, not once not twice, but three times to deal with idiots undesirables in the campground (two of those visits for the same troublemaker, though).

We were interviewed for a video to be featured on Montana State Parks website re-vamp coming up this year.
The Ranger felt Courtney and I would be a great contrast to the “retiree” side of camp hosting.
As soon as we know it’s live, we’ll let everyone else know, naturally.
We learned that Greg is a terrible on-camera interview and Courtney rocks it like a boss. But hey, we looked good!

We’re definitely returning to Wayfarers next, year (3rd time’s a charm, nothing will go wrong, right?). Yeah, we could go anywhere we want to, but we’ve come to love the area, the people we work with, so why not?

Our time in Arizona this winter will also give us a chance to re-connect with old friends, the dentist, doctors …and the Motor Vehicle Department.
Also, the resort has hot tubs. We are gonna soak in those hot tubs until we prune.
Before we get there, though, we decided spending a day at Zion National Park to look in awe and hike until we say “Ow” is a must.

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