Float Your Boat

While my brother was here visiting us while he was on vacation, we rented a boat and giant float-tube inner tube thing.

After a nice “lunch cruise” to Wild Horse Island, we refueled the boat and went tubing.
Up til now, Courtney had never been on an inner-tube and pulled behind a boat. I know! We’re all as shocked as you are.

From the constant squeals and mile-wide smile, I’m guessing she had fun.

We also took Buddy The Travel Dog with us. No dogs allowed on Wild Horse Island, so we watched Bighorn sheep from the shoreline, and tossed him in the lake (okay, we didn’t toss him, we “placed” him in the lake) for a short swim.

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5 Responses

  1. Valerie says:

    Waaaaa! I want to do that!

  2. Mina Castellon says:

    I’ve never been tubing either . Sounds fun!

  3. skf (aka, mom) says:

    Heard you also went tubing, and you both enjoyed it! Glad you all had a good time, except Buddy, maybe!

  4. Franny says:

    So glad you did this!I have a feeling it is a lot colder than it was in S Florida.

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