Frank is Sold!

Today we say goodbye to our little SUV known as Frank.

Part of the journey of deciding to live full time in a RV or Trailer is deciding what kind of rig you want — Specifically for us it was between a Class A with a TOAD (Tow behind vehicle) or a Truck & 5th wheel combo.  After much research and reading arguments for both honestly it comes down to what works best for you and your family.

There were a lot of pluses for us getting a Class A because we had the perfect tow behind vehicle with our small Toyota Rav4 manual transmission.  But ultimately the big hurdle for us was wanting a separate bedroom, dedicated office space for us both and not sacrificing the entire living room.  Along with finding a rig in-state, and in our price range it became an almost impossible task.

We ended up with a fantastic deal on a 08′ Chevy 3500 Truck and 5th wheel.  So after the purchase our little Rav4 aka. Frank became unnecessary.  I purchased Frank brand new (won’t ever buy new again) in Jan 2005 as last year’ model and was quickly nicknamed Frank as Rav4’s are not really horsepower but more gerbil powered.  He’s been a great vehicle and required little more than the regular maintenance but after 11 years, 3 states, about 120,000 miles, and some dings and scrapes, he was showing his age.

Over Christmas Greg’s brother made me a fair offer of $4,500 for Frank so he flew down this week to pick him and and take him back to Oregon. Greg and I will use these funds to help pay down our loan for the truck and trailer.

Farewell Frank!  You’ve been a great little SUV!



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