Hookups are Glorious!

Since we left on Monday it feels like all we’ve really been doing is getting used to the rig.  Which I realize is kind of the point of this ‘Shake Down Trip’.  However, you don’t realize how little you know about 5th wheel camping until you don’t understand what your rig is doing.  My heart suddenly skips a beat now every-time the rig makes a different noise than what I was expecting.  I never again will take for granted how reliable my sticks and bricks heating, cooling, and plumbing is after having to help lug out the generator or pull out the voltage meter to check battery levels and hooking up an inverter before I can even plug in a laptop.

Today we had our very first night with hookups.  We had a slight fumble when we arrived as we leveled, dropped the front legs and unhitched, only to discover our power cord was approx. 1 foot shy of the plug in.


Short Cord

So we got to re-hitch, only to pull forward about 12 inches and then spend another 20 min setting up yet again.  But…. With it all said and done.  I love full hookups.  I ran the water in the sink for about 30 seconds and just stared in awe. I heard Greg do something similar later with a muttered “wow”.

We even ran the air conditioning units, TV, and both laptops without having to lug out the generator or inverters.  For the first time it actually felt like “home” and I could relax a bit!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that boondocking is free but it has its own ‘cost’ in the time and effort to prepare and be out in the middle of nowhere and with our fulltime job requirements I suspect boondocking will be a rarity for us once we go full time.  For now though, I appreciate that we have options and we’ve learned what needs to be done if we have the need or flexibility in the future.

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    Both have their merits, right?

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