Montana or Bust: Day Two

Compared to yesterday, today was an absolute dream. We got up. We drove from about 9:30p to 630-7p. We parked.

We’re here at a rest area just outside of Perry and about 1/2 way to our Montana destination.

I feel that I should at least give you something more to read, since you came all this way, so here’s some random and miscellany we’ve learned, discovered or don’t justify a full blog post about them.

Here’s a pic of our Command Center in “Bessie” (a Chevy Silverado 3500HD LTZ Dually)

On the left is the rear-view camera, so we can see the idiots doing idiot things because they’re idiots as they come up behind our trailer.
Because RV wiring is a concept apparently created by horror novel authors in their spare time, we had the camera wired to and is powered by a sconce at the back of the trailer. Yup. We leave on one light that is on the back wall of the trailer while driving

Center is our tire monitor by TireTraker. Courtney’s Parental Units strongly recommended we pick one up.
Have you seen or ever been one of those people on the side of the road, trying to repair a blown tire on their RV? This indispensable piece of technology should help prevent that from ever happening.
We got to experience it in action today, actually. About 5 miles after we left a truck stop, one of the alarms went off indicating a slow leak/drop in tire pressure.
There was no real shoulder on the road, and no immediate exit, so we had to continue until we found an exit, all the while keeping an eye on the tire pressure.
When we finally pulled off the road, we checked the pressure. No change. It was a false alarm; the temperature of the road changed, as best we can tell — we had driven through sun, then a random, localized rain downpour.

On the right is our Garmin Nuvi (graciously gifted to us by my Parental Units) for navigation. We learned the hard way that “a phone with GPS is good enough” isn’t good enough and is totally useless when you have no cell/data service (I’m looking at you, Death Valley).

Just out of frame and next to the rear view mirror, is the front dash cam, for recording the same or different idiots doing idiot things in front of us.

Holding it all steady is a 10×24 piece of 1/4″ plexiglass, zip-tied to the dash air vents because suction cups don’t stick to textured dashboards.

Courtney and I have done a lot of boondocking in our trailer since we first got it: our ‘maiden voyage’ to Quartz Site, many a stop along the way during  the Shakedown Tour. Yesterday. Today.
It’s free (we love free!) and when it’s not a necessary evil when traveling toward a destination, it’s fun, too.
We’re going to start a page here on our site specifically for boondocking – the places we found, our thoughts and opinions on those places and any other information we can share about it.
Yes, there are plenty of sites where you can find boondocking info, but this will be ours and we hope some of our readers or random visitors will find it useful.

Related, we stopped in the visitor center for Glen Canyon dam  before we left this morning and asked a ranger if he knew of any boondocking sites in the area. He did! He even drew us a map (well, he drew the locations on an existing map). Funny thing is that the site we stayed at was actually pretty close to what he pointed out…
Then we stopped at a BLM Office  and Courtney grabbed “all the maps”. We struck gold there with a very detailed, large area map. We’re gonna scan it, upload and share it with all y’all eventually (in addition to adding it, if it doesn’t already exist at other resources for free camping/boondocking).

George seems to be adjusting to the travel. He’s not the perfect Travel Cat, but he’s a better than before Travel Cat. He’s able to relax a bit more now:


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2 Responses

  1. Valerie Boman says:

    About one more piece of equipment on that dashboard will give you what I see out OUR windshield when we are on the road – absolutely nothing!! See that moose? Nope – just dash cams, GPS and stuff. ha

    • Greg says:

      I think we’ve got enough gadgets on the dash! But if we could just get George to be a dash-cat, that’d be the icing on the cake.

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