Paradigm Shift

Back in March I wrote about my position as a remote employee being eliminated and the options Courtney and I had to consider (long story short, “...we continue as planned. I don’t look for another job, remote or stationary. She continues to work remote, I seek out Workamping positions…“).

I was both dreading and looking forward to that day (“dreadticipation” I called it); it was a black cloud hanging over my head, but also a door that would be opening to new opportunities.

It finally happened. As of May 20th I’m no longer gainfully employed.

Up to and since then, Courtney and I have discussed many times what we/I would do. The “paradigm shift” is what has happened since.

I had decided long before that I would maintain a regular schedule. No sleeping in until noon — that’s just a recipe for resentment, depression and disaster. I’ve been getting up around 8 or 9 each morning, giving me time to have a pot or two of coffee (hey don’t judge me!) and still have plenty of daylight left.

Things that had been on our “To Do Before June” list usually waited until both Courtney and I were off work, or crammed in to the weekend (my ‘weekend’  was Friday/Saturday while Courtney’s is Saturday/Sunday, so that made it a challenge). With my new found ‘free time’, I’ve been able to knock the list out like a prize fighter while Courtney is working.

I enjoy doing All The Things. I have time to mess around, get things accomplished, and it keeps me from falling in to the aforementioned depression or feeling that I’m not contributing anything because unemployed. It also led to an interesting proposal made by Courtney: “What would you say to All The Things being All Your Responsibility?

“What do you mean ‘All The Things and All MY Responsibility?'”, I replied.

I mean All The Things. We’ve already agreed that you’ll be doing the trailer maintenance and upkeep things — starting up and keeping the generator in working order, climbing on the roof and cleaning it because it’s up THERE, taking care of the grey and black tanks because EWWW, going to the laundry because I HATE going to the laundry. What if you did everything? Cooking, dishes, cleaning, shopping — All The Things.

[Whoa. Whoa. WHOA. Wait. What?] “I need to think about this…”, I said.

“Of course. It’s a huge request, I understand and don’t expect an answer now.”

I thought about it. A lot.

I already do a fair share of the cooking. Courtney enjoys that and says it’s one of the things she initially liked about me.

I already do laundry. I either start it because last pair of boxers or T-shirt put on in the morning, or finishing it when Courtney starts it.

Cleaning. Well, I’m good at the ‘upkeep’ part, but initiating it is an uphill battle that I’m constantly engaged in conquering. Also, we’re currently in 1700 sq ft. That ‘s a lot of house. We’ll be downsizing to 400 sq ft — much more manageable and less daunting.

The trailer specific stuff — generator, the tanks, dishes, laundry — that just kinda felt natural as I took it on.

So what’s different, really, in what I do now/we decided I would do, compared to Courtney’s proposal?

Aside from the fact that I wouldn’t be holding down a workyjob, nothing.

So, yeah, say Hello to Greg, Househusband Extraordinaire.


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  1. Valerie Boman says:

    seems fair to me!

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