Sidelined, or Gung ho–oh no you don’t

Our plan, at the end of our First Big Adventure was to hightail it home in 3 days and have a day to recover before returning to work again from our sticks and bricks location.

I’m writing this while we’re parked at Buttonwillow Rest Area just outside of Bakersfield, CA and nowhere close to where we’d planned on calling it a day.

Well, one of Courtney’s coworkers saw it in their heart to pass along the flu bug they brought with them to the sales kickoff (the main reason we parked in Morgan Hill, CA for 13 days was so she could attend the kickoff and do some face time with coworkers and upper mucky mucks she rarely if ever sees, as a remote employee).
Because Courtney has built up a tolerance for the “kickoff sick” over the years, I was the lucky(?) one and got taken down first, on Wednesday.
I was in bed by 7PM (I NEVER go to bed at SEVEN!) that night and slept until 2 or 3pm Thursday, basically.
Today I’m finally feeling 99%.

Courtney …yeah, not so much.
She got home last night and went straight from the truck to bed. Slept several hours, woke up hungry and asked for Tomato soup and quesadillas (“I…I have to have something to dip in the soup,” she whimpered. How could I not whip some up for her?!). After that she was out the rest of the night.

Today was a rough day for her (and me by association).
If she responds the same way I did, she’ll be back up to operating speed tomorrow and we’ll still be able to meet our self-appointed deadline and be home Sunday evening at the latest.

[side note: while re-reading my post for the umpteenth time before deciding “Ugh. Just press ‘publish’ already!”, I realized that I said “got home last night“. I’m taking that to mean that we are doing The Right Thing with all of this]

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2 Responses

  1. Valerie Boman says:

    Get your sick butts to your home HERE to recover!! Be safe!

    • Greg says:

      We’re working on it! I drove today *gasp* for the 4 hours today — that’s my limit. Courtney had enough after 2-ish hours, so we’re boondockin’ again

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