Signal Strength

Courtney’s job requires that she have a reliable internet connection (before I got laid off, I required internet as well and we sucked a lot of bandwidth between the two of us).
When we don’t have the luxury of a dedicated internet solution (e.g. at Wayfarers, we had a DSL line), we have to use our cell plan.
Our set up for cellular internet includes a Cradlepoint IBR600, a grandfathered unlimited Verizon plan and our newly acquired WeBoost Connect 4G.
It’s been connected for a couple of weeks, but in a half-assed sort of way — the receiver antenna was mounted to our stabilizing jack. To do its job properly, it needed to be higher up in the air, but we didn’t have a good way to do that until now.
We bought a few feet of 2 inch PVC pipe, and today I climbed up on the roof of The Wagon and made a few measurements to determine the best height and position of the booster antenna.
The existing TV antenna now serves a secondary purpose as a support bar for the new MacGyvered booster antenna post.

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