The Waterpump Incident

This is not the “First Post!” entry I had hoped to make for my grand entrance from behind the scenes, but this is a tale that has to be told before someone else tells it!
So, hi there! I’m “normally behind the scenes keeping things going Greg”.

We are out in the middle of Nowhere, Arizona, also known as “Quartzsite, AZ: The Land That Nobody Cares About 6 Months of The Year. Yeah, Okay, Nobody Cares All Year Long.”
This week is our “extended run” trip before we officially go Full Time in June.
It’s also our first trip without the backup crew to lend an immediate hand when they see us scratching out heads in befuddlement.
In other words, if it brokes, we fixes it.
“Sure, no problem”, we thought. “What could go wrong? We worked the bugs on our first weekend out!” we said.

Hello? Yes, this is Reality calling. We have great news for you!

Today I learned all about RV Waterpumps and Plumbing and Electrical That No Amount of Alchohol and Therapy Can Ever Explain.

A little backstory for context here…
We replaced the double sink almost immediately with a fancy but not expensive, residential one. It worked great our first outing, as did the shower, toilet, and other things water-feeding.

We fully prepared for this trip (almost a month on the road) — drained, cleaned/flushed all the tanks, stocked the fridge for a week (the pantry is fully stocked and will hold us over for several weeks of a zombie apocalypse before we turn on each other when the last can is licked clean).
Anyway, we landed here in Quarzsite, AZ yesterday. Kitchen sink worked long enough to do a tiny load of dishes…then nothing.
Wuh? Hmm.
Bathroom works — shower, sink, and toilet.
Pump is working. Kitchen sink opened, pump kicks on, but nothing, not even spigot spittle!
Courtney and I tried to reason it out? What’s different? Try with this off, that on
Same? Okay, try with this ON and that off.
Okay, time to call this in. We’re baffled.
A few minutes between Courtney and her Male Parental Unit, going through All The Things Plumbing and Electrical, and it’s decided that someone has to go in to the bowels of Bessie’s Cart and work on the pump.
Did I say, “someone“? I meant, “Me”.



Courtney had read on various forums that while Alumascape owners LOVE their 5th wheels, they HATE where the waterpump is located.
I am now a member of that camp.


I have done some unmentionable things in my youth, but I can still talk about them. The things I had to do today, to those water hoses. We shall never speak of them. Ever.

We finally decided to drive in to town and check with an RV expert. After we explained all the settings, connections, configurations were checked not only once, but sometimes three times, the guy at the RV shop said, “I could sell you another pump, but it won’t solve the problem. The pump is fine. It’s the sink.”
Well, we had to go out for supplies anyway, and we were happy to hear from an expert that we’re not totally clueless with this RV maintenance stuff.

Another call to Courtney’s Male Parental Unit to bring him up to speed and somewhere in the conversation the question was asked of us: “Did you fill the hot water tank when we did all the tanks before you left?


Son of a TurDucken!
Yes, folks, you read it here first: Everything wrong with our sink and water pump was not due to a defective pump, calcium deposits or air in the lines.

We didn’t fill the hot water tank.

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4 Responses

  1. Shirley fischer says:

    The first step to solving the problem is to admit you were part of the problem!

    • Greg says:

      Yeah we have to laugh about and call it a learning experience or we get all sorts of grumpy about the time spent on troubleshooting a problem that never existed!

  2. Shirley Fischer says:

    “Beware of the Ides of March”

  3. Valerie Boman says:

    Count on Dean to be your buzzkill…. “You DID____, didn’t you?” ha ha

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