Water Under The Bridge

Courtney, Buddy and I took a trip to Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge (just outside of Libby, MT).

Courtney had taken the drone further out over the falls than I did, but didn’t realize it wasn’t recording (sad face). The footage from my rather conservative flight had to do.

Courtney has a fear of bridges (and by association, falling from them), so making it across and back was A Pretty Big Deal.
Buddy is fairly “bullet proof” when it comes to being constantly drafted to take part in our adventures and he did pretty well in his own right!

The working title for this video was “The Bridge On The River Kootenai” but deep down inside, I knew that neither Courtney or most anyone else would likely get the movie reference.

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3 Responses

  1. Valerie Boman says:

    love it!!!

  2. Shirley Fischer (aka. Mom) says:

    I’m whistling the theme song now. I GET IT! I GET IT!!

  3. Shirley Fischer says:

    Great Movie !!! Only thing missing was the popcorn–oh ya, and your Adventure Hat, Courtney 🙁

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