Workampers Beware: Scammer looking for suckers on

You read all the time about people being scammed by internet lowlifes.
The Nigerian prince scam is probably one of the most infamous. The “Personal Assistant/Money Laundering” scam is another.

Craigslist is a notorious playground for the bottom-feeders, as there is always someone out there that, sadly, is their perfect victim.
Today I got proof that the scammers have cast their nets wide and reached a popular site for work campers: (the site admins there know already and posted to their FB page to warn people, but not everyone Facebooks…)

Earlier this week, I updated and reactivated our résumé there (shameless self-promotion, FTW).
This morning, I got a very to the point email:

Hello, Please let me know if you can do full-time or part-time?

Quick way to filter out potential applicants, I suppose, so I replied.

We’re open to either full or part-time!

And the response I received set off the “personal assistant scam” alarm immediately (as if the all-the-good-names-are-taken email address of [email protected] wasn’t clue enough).
Here’s the email, broken down in to bite size chunks:


Thanks for the swift response.

I’m very sorry it took me time to respond to your email, I have been very busy lately.

Uhm, I emailed you less than 45 minutes ago!

Work has been hectic and that’s the more reason why I need an assistant. I am Mr James Collins, I’m the hiring manager of ADP Payroll Solutions and also I’m into Real Estate. I need a dedicated and honest Personal assistant that I can always trust to take care of my personal business while I’m busy.

You’re a “hiring manager of ADP Payroll Solutions“? ADP is a global company. What department? What city? What country? If your role is that important, maybe you should hire someone who can tell you “hiring manager of” is not gooder English.

Your duties:

I need someone who will be available online to respond to emails, handle documents, someone with excellent communication skills with an ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization, both internally and externally, Pick up deliveries, Grocery shopping, Banking and Bill payment you will also help me distribute payment to my business partners etc.

As the aforementioned hiring manager, don’t you have a lackey in the office that can answer your emails & handle documents? Maybe YOUR boss can get you one after the fiscal year review?
distribute payment to my business partners“? You work for ADP Payroll Solutions. Do you not see the irony?

No special skill is required of you to perform your duties, just follow instructions and pay attention to details to avoid mistakes.
All errands and task will be done within your local area and once in a while outside your city.

Shouldn’t you know what city I am in? I mean, you contacted ME, right? If you’re looking for someone to do your errands and distribute payment to your business partners, wouldn’t it be in YOUR local area?
That said, let’s consider the demographic you’re going after here: people posting resumes on
We’re nomadic, for all intents and purposes.
Our “local area” could be a dispersed camping spot in a national forest, or a horse ranch in the mountains, or some place where a trip to the ‘local area’ is a logistical nightmare.
The chances that your business partners are nearby, or that a USPS office or FedEx/UPS depot are nearby…well, the odds are not in either of our favor.

Your pay:

I’m willing to pay you $400 per assignment/errand. You will be executing one assignment weekly, Your working hours will be 2-3 hours in a day and it also depends on how fast and efficient you are.

Dayum. Let’s assume I have to distribute one payment to a business partner of yours and it takes me 3 hours. That’s over $130 an hour. Hell if it takes me only ONE hour that’s even better! I think I need to become “a hiring manager of ADP payroll solutions”. The amount of disposable income that I’d be able to throw at a personal assistant without doing any real math to figure out a realistic wage is too good to pass up.

Let me know if you are willing to accept the offer so we can proceed further and when you are available to start. I am currently in Canada for a project and also for my ear surgery, I will be back in the States by September, Mid September to be precise and that’s why I need someone to run errands for me till I return. The lady working for me is on maternity leave and she might not return because she has moved in with her husband in Arizona.

Wait. What? Where was this woman living before, if she “might not return because she has moved in with her husband in Arizona“???

If you are okay with this, let me know ASAP and let me know when you can start so I can tell you what is needed to be done this week.

I hope this marks the beginning of a good working relationship all together.

Please send me the following details

Full name:
Cell phone:

I await your swift response

Yeah, I have a swift response for you. You’ll find it after a long walk on a short pier.

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