A little somethin’ somethin’ about Greg

I grew up in a camping family. When I was really young, it was my parents and me in an old, musty canvas pole tent. After my brother arrived on the scene, the family upgraded to a truck camper.
We were pretty much ‘camping season’ folk, but would go to most any national forest in and around the state of Oregon.
As bruh and I got older, we liked the idea of sleeping in the camper with the parents less and less, so he and I went the tent route — sleep and escape to the tent, eat with the ‘rents in the camper or at the picnic table.
As I entered my late teens, camping as a family eventually disappeared and I would venture off on my own when the opportunity presented itself.
Sadly, that too, eventually stopped; I still loved the idea, but the time and resources were never in the same room together.
I’m also a geek (a trait that evolved on its own while still a camping person).
I’m fortunate now to be employed by a company that encourages “phoning it in” to work (only a small handful of employees actually go in to the office, and that’s because they live near headquarters…even so, they only have to make an appearance a few times a week. I have met 2 of them in person, but that’s only because we all used to work in the same office before ‘going remote’).
Little did I know, that some years later, I would have the chance to essentially, travel & camp and work at the same time! Not to mention, that I’d meet someone who also thinks the idea of traveling AND working at the same time would be an awesome experience.

So, just what kind of blog posts can you expect from me? Well, aside from the geeky (tech reviews n such), most anything, really — there’s likely going to be a post about my first time cleaning the black water tank, I tell you whut.