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79 AD

79 AD. No that’s not the last time I posted a video. It’s the year Mount Vesuvius Erupted and covered Pompeii. Courtney and I may be stationary for a year while I recover from...


A Roaming Hiatus

Tomorrow will be two weeks since we left our last gig in Ehrenberg and arrived in Phoenix. We’ll be here for a year. “A year‽ Why?“ Well, I may not have mentioned it but...


Goodbye, Old Man.

We said goodbye to The Old Man today. Final farewells are hard. You were our best little kitty adventurer — even though you never wandered beyond our trailer and truck. We’re going to miss...


Achievement Unlocked

Neighbors. Sometimes they’re awesome. Other times, they’re …not. This tale is about one of those neighbors that fell in to the latter group. About 2 months ago, we got a new neighbor, “Mike” and...


A Roaming Echo

In the past Courtney and I have discussed the value of having a digital home-assistant like the Amazon Echo. Would it be something useful in an RV (or even a tiny home) or would it be something we’d hold off purchasing if we decided to take root somewhere in a sticks and bricks domecile?
*(I’m a geek and the aforementioned home-assistants can be programmed beyond what comes “out of the box” — something that I find to be, well, awesome.)*

Last week, Courtney told me she bought me a present and it would require me doing some research (*whut?*). That present arrived the other day.


Make A Run For The Border

Courtney and I went on an adventure to Mexico on Monday. We crossed at Algodones, Mexico – forgot to get our passports stamped (doh!). Paid $6 CASH ONLY to park at the border. Don’t...


Whiskers Away

George turned 19(!) on Christmas Eve. We felt he deserved a candle to celebrate the occasion. He got so much more… He’s fine, by the way. Singed whiskers and a lingering burnt hair smell...


Desert Drawings

Courtney, Buddy and I took our drone out to the California desert in search of the Blythe Intaglios. The Blythe Intaglios (or Blythe Geoglyphs) are a group of gigantic figures incised on the ground...


A very mobile phone

We went out geocaching and drone flying with Courtney’s Parental Units, Southwest Division. At some point she dropped her phone and we didn’t realize it until we got back to The Wagon. We retraced...