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A Roaming Hiatus

Tomorrow will be two weeks since we left our last gig in Ehrenberg and arrived in Phoenix. We’ll be here for a year. “A year‽ Why?“ Well, I may not have mentioned it but...


Goodbye, Old Man.

We said goodbye to The Old Man today. Final farewells are hard. You were our best little kitty adventurer — even though you never wandered beyond our trailer and truck. We’re going to miss...


Travel Buddy

Courtney and I have been talking for some time about adopting a dog. There were several must-have qualities that said dog must possess: Travel size Travel friendly Not a barker Must not have “cat...


2016 In Review

We’ve been neglectful of the blog of late and specifically our 2016 Year in Review so after much reminding (aka nagging) from Greg I thought I’d knock it out today. Our rig was purchased...


The Walls Are Closing In

We’re now reaching the end of 4 months in our trailer and I genuinely believe we made the right choice, despite the stress and difficulties along the way, it’s been an incredible journey.  Our home...

The Old Man

I’m only here because the humans control the food. …for now.


One of my favorite memories as a child of about 8 years old was rolling down the window in my Grandparents old Toyota Class C motor home and “touching the sky” on a Colorado...