Category: Budget and Finances


Floor Remodel

Carpet in campers and 5th wheels are naaaaasty.  I realize that manufactures want to give you a “home away from home” feel but when you’re talking about less than 400sq ft of space you’re...


National Park Access Pass

We recently discovered the National Park Services has a wonderful program for permanently disabled US Citizens. Now what level of “disabled” seems to be very much in the gray area as we discovered. We...


Truck & Trailer Pricing

We completed the purchase for our 2008 Chevy 3500LTZ & 2009 Holiday Rambler Alumascape 33CKT on 12/5/15. Budget was set at $50K-$60K. Grand Total – $59,779.45 $25,000 cash Financed $34,279.45 @ 1% APR. $700/Monthly...