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Whiskers Away

George turned 19(!) on Christmas Eve. We felt he deserved a candle to celebrate the occasion. He got so much more… He’s fine, by the way. Singed whiskers and a lingering burnt hair smell...


A very mobile phone

We went out geocaching and drone flying with Courtney’s Parental Units, Southwest Division. At some point she dropped her phone and we didn’t realize it until we got back to The Wagon. We retraced...


Social Media is a lot of work

We have this blog, a Facebook page and a twitter account. Buddy has an Instagram page …and now a Facebook page, too. Keeping up with social media is a lot of work — on...


Travel Buddy

Courtney and I have been talking for some time about adopting a dog. There were several must-have qualities that said dog must possess: Travel size Travel friendly Not a barker Must not have “cat...


2016 In Review

We’ve been neglectful of the blog of late and specifically our 2016 Year in Review so after much reminding (aka nagging) from Greg I thought I’d knock it out today. Our rig was purchased...