Monthly Archive: February 2018


A Roaming Echo

In the past Courtney and I have discussed the value of having a digital home-assistant like the Amazon Echo. Would it be something useful in an RV (or even a tiny home) or would it be something we’d hold off purchasing if we decided to take root somewhere in a sticks and bricks domecile?
*(I’m a geek and the aforementioned home-assistants can be programmed beyond what comes “out of the box” — something that I find to be, well, awesome.)*

Last week, Courtney told me she bought me a present and it would require me doing some research (*whut?*). That present arrived the other day.


Make A Run For The Border

Courtney and I went on an adventure to Mexico on Monday. We crossed at Algodones, Mexico – forgot to get our passports stamped (doh!). Paid $6 CASH ONLY to park at the border. Don’t...