$4,000+ Repairs Required

Annnnd just like that we have over $4,000 in repairs and we haven’t even hit the road.  Some of this was expected as we knew the awning fabric required replacement.  After we did our Shake Down Trip we realized one of the arms was bent as well and would require replacement.  However, the rest was unexpected.  When we replaced the flooring we crawled around all over the rig looking for any last minute things and stumbled on a major issue by accident.

The slide rubber looked rather dirty and we decided to clean it up and spray it down with a silicone spray to maintain the slides.  However, when we took a solvent to clean off the rubber we realized the former owner had used White Lithium Grease on the rubber.  And it completely ruined it.

Originally we thought this slide could be saved but the rubber in the corner is dissolving and torn.


We took it into RV Renovators in Mesa, AZ who has a pretty good reputation and they agreed that all 3 slides were gone.  The supplies weren’t terrible but at $110/hour and due to 2 of the slides being rather large we’re up to more in labor than the supplies.

But, it needs to be done and we want it done properly.  Will post a review once everything is completed.

Lesson learned — If you think you’re getting a sweet deal at Camping World, you’re probably not.

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