A very mobile phone

We went out geocaching and drone flying with Courtney’s Parental Units, Southwest Division.
At some point she dropped her phone and we didn’t realize it until we got back to The Wagon. We retraced our steps, called the phone nine times, but came up with nothing.

Then we remembered google has a “Find My Device” feature…Bingo! There it is… slowly on the move and already over the state line in California. We remotely lock down the phone and have it display a message to call my phone if it is found.

We jump in the truck, pick up Courtney’s stepdad and we’re off tracking the phone — our own real life moving geocache!

We go down side streets, a dirt canal road, in to a recycling center, stop at a house, a liquor store, and then finally the corner of a church. All within a few block radius with weird movements.

At the church, Courtney recognizes a homeless guy riding a bike that was also at the recycling center and I call him over. Naturally, he ignored me even when I said, “Hey, man bring over the phone!”
I tell Courtney to just drive the truck around to him and we start talking.
“Hey, man. Did you get a new phone…like in the last 30 minutes or so?”

At first he denied it — “Huh? Phone?”
Then Courtney remotely turns on the ringer (hooray technology!).
When his bag starts ringing, suddenly he remembers he found it and hands it over, “Oh, that’s your phone…here you go”.
We thank him and head off.

Courtney was glad to have her phone back but lost her excuse to replace a 4 year old Samsung!

Thanks to google’s device tracking, we know just how all over the place the guy was:

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3 Responses

  1. skf (aka, mom) says:

    WoW ! So LUCKY you are to have located your phone! Need a lanyard? 😉

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