Dripping Springs

While we were workamping in Las Cruces, NM we took a day trip to Dripping Springs and explored (what remains of) Dr. Nathan Boyd’s Tuberculosis Sanatorium.

Dr. Nathan Boyd studied medicine in San Francisco. He lived in Philadelphia, where he edited a London medical journal. At some point, he lived in England. He practiced medicine in Australia, where he married an Australian woman. Sometime after his wife contracted tuberculosis, Boyd moved his family to Las Cruces, NM and took up residence at Dripping Springs, placing his faith in the conventional wisdom that the high dry climate of the location would relieve her disease.

It was quite the hike (if the Sanatorium was still open, we might have stayed to recover!), but totally worth it. Whether we were allowed to or not, we flew the drone over the buildings (and cautiously over the surrounding hills…we were still drone newbies) — which gave us access to a view of the ruins that we otherwise would not have had (also totally worth it).

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  1. skf (aka, mom) says:

    Very Cool! You’re getting pretty good at operating that flying machine!

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