Hitchin’ Up And Hitting The Oregon Trail

Hard to believe that it’s once again time for us to pack up and hit the road toward a new destination.
This time we’ll be heading up to stay with my family in Oregon for a month before hitting the road to Wayfarers State Park in Montana for a return gig this Summer.

When it wasn’t blasting wind tunnel -esque gusts of wind at us, we did have fun exploring and experiencing New Mexico:

From the work camping/camp hosting side of it all, I was glad to have my first experience as a work kamper for KOA. Now we have even more options open to us as we continue our roaming life.

We had a blast at White Sands.

While at the Very Large Array (VLA), we got to see the radio dishes re-positioned to scan another part of the cosmos.

Our tinfoil hats protected us from mind-scans while we spent the day in Roswell.

Although we arrived too late at Carlsbad Caverns to walk down to the main room, after the elevator ride down we did get a personalized tour from the ranger that was in charge of the ‘end of the day’ crowds (which was basically us).

New Mexico has quite a number of ghost towns within a few hours drive of Las Cruces and Lake Valley (a copper and silver mine town in the 1800s) was one of our favorites to spend a day walking.

One very unexpected thing that happened was that we adopted Buddy The Travel Dog. Getting another critter was not on either Courtney or my radar while we were here, but he’s certainly made this adventure more interesting!

Today, we hooked up The Wagon to Bessie (after re-organizing the ‘basement’ and uncluttering some inside clutter), put the kayaks on top of Bessie, made a pot roast for dinner (and “road meals”). Tomorrow, before Courtney ends her work day, crockpot lasagna will be made, propane tanks topped off and one last load of laundry done. When Courtney clocks out, the slides go in, critters loaded in the truck and we start the next leg of our adventure!

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    Please be safe and I will see you soon!!!

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