Montana or Bust: Day Three

We made it to Montana!

Three states in three days!

We decided to make it another early night and are parked in a rest area in Anaconda, MT, which puts us about 3 hours from Bigfork.
We’ll leave in the morning and arrive around noon.
Staff will be waiting for us there to help us get situated in our host spot, then around 2pm-ish The Ranger will be stopping by for Introductions and The Paperwork. After that, I’m not sure what happens, really. Training? “Here’s your duty list. Get to it!”?
Adventure awaits!

But before I go…


Since we’ve been ‘dry camping’ or simply doing the overnight in a rest area thing, we’ve been needing and looking for an RV Dump location (gotta empty that evil black tank occasionally, y’know, before it gets too janky smelling).
Around the end of Day One, we did have an opportunity to use the services at the truck stop we happened to be refueling, but decided “Meh, it’s only been one day. We’ll empty at the next truck stop or whatever” instead.

Day Two: No truck stops along our route had RV Dump service!

Day Three: Hmm. According to this here handy phone app, this next rest area has RV Dump Service.
We get to the exit and sure enough, there’s a sign
Not a single hole in the ground or other indicator of an RV Dump site to be found. Anywhere. Okay… maybe it used to have one or will have one soon?
The app says the next rest area has one, too. Let’s go to that one.

Oh look! That sign again…
Nothing. We looped the rest area twice and even got out and walked around to look, thinking we might have missed it.
Nope. Definitely no dump area at all.
What’s going on here, Rest Area? Why are you such a cruel tease?
At this point, we’ll just wait until tomorrow. One more day won’t kill us. Right?



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  1. Valerie Boman says:

    Ours usually lasts about 5 days… sometimes longer.

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