The Mystery Spot

We had some fun exploring “Mystery” locations here in Northern California today.

After visiting The Winchester Mystery House we headed south to check out The Mystery Spot recommended by a co-worker.

A few things to note if you’re thinking of traveling here…

  • About 5 miles of the drive was not super fun for a truck like Bessie.  In fact, Vine Road southbound, which we took to get there isn’t even recommended for Trucks (signs posted) so there is no way we could ever pull the camper there, and I wouldn’t even recommend a Class C attempt it.  I’m sure there is a better approach and I would research it before taking the same route we did.
  • Buy your tickets online at least 24-48 hours ahead of time. This place sells out almost everyday.  Cost is $6/per adult and $5 to park.
  • Parking is retarded.  It’s like they just threw down a shitty road to the attraction and random spaces everywhere.  If you have a larger truck, or you manged to get your rig there, you need to call ahead of time for them to reserve you a space.  We called 30 min ahead of time and it was perfect.  We spoke to the lady who directs parking and they had cones blocking off a large area — although I did have to parallel park Bessie to get into it.


Now, this place is crazy fun!

Greg & Courtney

There isn’t a whole lot there, but for what it has it’s pretty amazing and the guides are highly entertaining.  Essentially it’s a 150 ft diameter of land surveyors found in 1939 where visual cues are opposite of reality.  What looks to be level or tilted upwards is in reality, downwards.  The cabin we were in was actually further up the hill and due to an earthquake it slide down and stopped at the Mystery Spot.  Since the cabin was tilted at a 17 degree angle, it amplified the already weird visual cues.

DoorwayFloor Slope

Greg had some fun with the guide too.  They pulled him out of the crowd as an example of how where you stand in the Mystery Spot can change your perception of height.

Notice how the man across from Greg is the same height when Greg is on the right?  And then when they swap the guy seems to “grow” about 6 inches?


Now at this point Greg turns to the guide and tells him, “Well that’s because I’m a shower, not a grower.”  The guide busted out laughing and had to take a minute to regain his composure before he could continue on.  We’re like 12 year olds… can’t take us anywhere.


If you’d like to check out the rest of our photos from our trip you can find them here.

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3 Responses

  1. Shirley Fischer says:

    You two MUST be 12 year olds. You’re having such fun!

  2. Valerie Boman says:

    Looks like great fun!!

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