TireTraker & Jessie’s Tire Service Saved the Day!

We’re driving on I-10 Eastbound right at the CA/AZ state line when all of a sudden an alarm sounded inside the truck!  It took me a moment to realize what the sound was coming from and then I remembered it was the Tire Pressure Monitor I always turn on before we head off.

But let me back up here….

When we originally decided to do this little adventure we were fortunate enough that both of our families are avid campers and have rigs of their own.  One of the early discussions I had with my parents was they have had 2 bad blowouts on their tow behind camper.  One blew with no damage but left them on the side of the road changing out a tire.  The second blowout actually ripped up part of the underside of their camper and required quit a bit of repair.  We’ve also read of other campers who had thousands of dollars in damages from blow outs.

Shortly after the second blowout, my parents had invested in a Tire Pressure Monitor.  This nifty little thing measures the tire temperature and pressure of the tire.  It’s just a little sensor that replaces the valve stem cap of your tire and reports back every 2 minutes or instantly if there is a sudden change in temp. or pressure. When they were traveling on a trip after this investment they had an temperature alarm.  They were able to pull over at a gas station and discovered a large bubble in the tire.  Shortly there after it blew the tire, but luckily no one was hurt and no damage as they had already stopped.  We decided this was a worthy investment for our rig.

Back to us at the state line….

I grabbed the remote and saw it was flashing a leak in our rear left tire (the tire icon will flash).  We normally keep our tires at 78-80 PSI and we had already dropped to 72.7


At exit 1 in Arizona there is a Flying J so we got off at the exit and headed over to the truck repair center.  When I got out I could hear the hiss of the tire and touched the valve steam and realized it was broken.  We showed the very helpful service guy and he agreed, but he only had the valves designed for big rigs and it would stick out more than 6 inches on our tires.  It’s Sunday and I started getting anxious about where we could go this late in the afternoon.  Luckily he knew right were to send us.  Because it was a slow leak he recommended we turn around and go back 2 exits into Blyth, CA and stop at a place called Jessie’s Tire Service.  He urged us to get there before it dropped below 50 PSI.

We got back in the truck and  quickly found our way to Jessie’s.  Only 1 guy there and it’s a pretty small shop but had a lot large enough for us to swing around in. He was finishing up with a customer and within 10 min had the trailer jacked up and tire off.

20160403_111143          20160403_111607

30 minutes and $10 lighter from the time the alarm sounded we were back on the road.  Without this tire monitor we wouldn’t have known about the leak until it was too late.  This took a stressful situation and made it into something we could pro-actively fix before it caused damage or left us stranded waiting for GoodSam.    We’ve been so impressed, we’re now getting 6 more sensors for the truck.  If you decide to invest in this little gadget I would also recommend you purchase the Signal Booster as well.

Quick disclaimer — We receive no funding or kickbacks for this review.  The product performed as promised and wanted to share our experience and recommendation.

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