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We completed the purchase for our 2008 Chevy 3500LTZ & 2009 Holiday Rambler Alumascape 33CKT on 12/5/15.

  • Budget was set at $50K-$60K.
  • Grand Total – $59,779.45
  • $25,000 cash
  • Financed $34,279.45 @ 1% APR.
  • $700/Monthly Payment

Truck – 2008 Chevy Silverado 3500 LTZ

Truck Price $29,240.00
 Tax $2,353.82
 Lic & Reg. Fees $264.00
 Dealer Doc Fees $399.00
 Grand Total $32,256.82


Below is the breakdown of our purchase prices & NADA Values (Not our truck or trailer in pic).

With only 43,500 miles on the diesel and NADA retailing at $35,650 it felt like too good a deal to pass up.  This truck was a large reason why we ended up purchasing a 5th wheel vs. the Class A we were considering.


5th Wheel – 2009 Holiday Rambler Alumascape 33CKT

Trailer Price $24,795
Tax $1,993.09
Lic. & Reg. Fees $371.54
Dealer Doc Fees $399.00
Grand Total $27,522.63

The 09′ Alumascape was actually the second choice. Camping world was not willing to negotiate on the price as it had been set by corporate due to the rig being on the lot for more than 6 months.  We finally agreed on the asking price, but only with brand new tires (as the others were original) and if the Pre-Delivery Inspection went okay.  We later got a list of items repaired in the PDI.  I’m sure CampingWorld was glad to see the back of us!

According to the NADA guide we came in about $1,700 below the low end asking price.  In the end it met our needs, the rig was in great shape, and even better it put us just under budget!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.09.59 PM

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