One of my favorite memories as a child of about 8 years old was rolling down the window in my Grandparents old Toyota Class C motor home and “touching the sky” on a Colorado mountain as the clouds hung low.  My grandparents used to take me out every summer and we would travel all over the Southwest.  Back then I didn’t realize how lucky I was to see most of the National Parks as a child nor did I realize that I would be lucky enough to do it all over again as an adult with my new partner in crime.

While I grew up in Phoenix, I spent 12 years in Central Pennsylvania and another 3 in Ann Arbor, Michigan before the winters finally broke me and I headed back south.  I met my partner Greg in Arizona in  Aug 2014 and we have been having the time of our lives since.  Whether it’s going on a GeoCaching adventure, riding bikes down the canal by our house, or hiding from the Summer heat by having a documentary marathon, we enjoy each-other’s company immensely…. Which is great cause when we decided to move into a trailer we decided we had to be okay with very tight quarters!

I have a career in sales and currently work for a Network Security company and it’s been a mutually beneficial relationship for several years now. When I requested to relocate to Arizona I was fortunate that I had a proven track record of working independently and was granted approval to telecommute.  When Greg switched employers shortly after meeting me to also telecommute the doors opened for us both.  Suddenly we realized we may not always have this opportunity for the rest of our careers and we needed to take advantage of it while we could.

6 months later a truck and trailer have been purchased and the clock is ticking down till we hit the road in July 2016!  We’re a friendly couple and while we like our downtime we are highly connected to social media and so we hope to hear from you via email, comments and if you see us on the road please stop by and say “hi” (if we’re not busy working.)

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