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5 months ago
Had another follow up appointment today. All is going well.
Saw the “Big E” on the chart! Not sharp/crisp but right away I knew what it was and even made out a couple other lines of letters.
Was able to see 20/80 with the pinhole occluder!
5 months ago
3 AC units (2 built in, 1 portable) and we're still melting. Did NOT miss this while we were spending summers in Montana.
5 months ago
Making a video montage of Courtney and my visit to the Pompeii exhibit that was here in Phoenix earlier this month
5 months ago
“I’ll only grab the things I know I’ll use” she said.
“Just one more quick trip. I only want a couple more things” she said.
400 Sq feet and it looks like a cross stitch bomb went off in the trailer.
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