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1 day ago
Aaaand we’re back in Ehrenberg! I’m tired of driving and Courtney is just tired.
4 days ago
Finally getting the comforter cleaned. Small towns like Blythe and Ehrenberg just don’t have the big city conveniences.
6 days ago
Arrived in Chandler last night. This morning got Courtney off the airport to go to a week long company thing. Me: Spending the week at her folks. Appointments, friends to keep me busy until she gets back.
1 week ago
We bought two smart plugs and now Courtney can turn on her living room fairy lights (also new!) or bedroom fairy lights simply by saying "alexa, turn on the bedroom" or "fairy lights" for the living room.
2 weeks ago
Because Courtney and Greg are too short to reach almost everything in the RV ARoamingLife photo

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